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Sorry to flood your friend's lists with Guitar Hero info, I hadn't posted in over a month. I went away on vacation for a week, then spent the next 3 weeks being busy.

This community is strictly for Guitar Hero, it's games, its music, it's fans. But there's been a TON of Rock Band info at the same time, as well as a Rock Revolution announced by Konami that we could all point at and laugh at.

I don't know if there is a community similar to this one that is devoted to Rock Band. If so, they'd have a string of updates in the past few weeks.

A good place to get Rock Band updates is here.

One of the other Guitar Hero news events in the past month was a rumored set list that was circulating the net about 2 days ago. Joystiq had a copy of it here. It had made its way around a few forums before they picked it up. It had gotten so bad with people assuming it was the 'oficial' list, Activision came out yesterday and said uhh no that ain't it. It's nice, but that ain't it. The boss battle with bassist Sting would have been odd.

Just a couple more updates and I'll post my review of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith we bought last week.