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REVIEW Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Ok, I wasn't sure I wanted to invest the $50 needed for this iteration of the series. But the wife wanted to try it out and since we had all the other ones (sans On Tour). We decided to pick it up.

It turned out better than I thought it would. Yeah it's GH III wit ha different skin and different songs, Aerosmith songs. But it was still fun to play.

I usually only look at the fret board on screen when GH is on. Even if I'm not playing, so the only time I ever see Steven Tyler's mouth or Joe Perry's nose is the end of Love in an Elevator, when they fill the screen with their polygonal faces (yes, Joe's nose looks as big as Rhode Island in this game, Tyler's mouth looks as big as Michigan though).

The non Aerosmith songs are OK, not my biggest thing. STP was ok. Of course every song is fun to play.

How many of us ever heard of Graveyard BBQ before the first Guitar Hero? and EVERYONE I know loves to play that song. I should probably save this for a future GH post about bonus songs...

I do have a complaint though. Playing as Joe Perry in the single career mode. His fret board is AWFUL. The wife noticed it first, he has these light skulls that come down on the fret board artwork. When you activate star power, it is extremely noticeable, and difficult to pick up notes. The wife says its nearly unplayable in star power because of it.

I've yet to try out all the bonus songs, but those should also be fun to play.

I got so Guitar Hero'd up with this release, I dug out all of the old ones and played them up till 80s before everyone got bored of playing with me and hogging the TV they kicked me off. I'll sneak GHIII and GHA in there sometime tonight.