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Guitar Hero News

Guitar Hero: World Tour will be available on all major platforms in late 2008.

Guitar Hero: On Tour will be available for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite in the US on June 22nd, 2008. No European or Australian release dates have been announced.

Guirat Hero: Aerosmith will be available for all major platforms (Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360) in the US on June 29th, 2008. No Eruopean or Australian release dates have been announced.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is available now for all major console platforms (Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360) in the US, Europe and Australia, PC and Macintosh versions in the US.

Guitar Hero Mobil is available in the US.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s is available now for the Playstation 2 platform in the US and Australia.

Guitar Hero II is available now for the Playstation 2 platform in the US, Europe, and Australia, and Xbox 360 platform in the US and Europe.

Guitar Hero is available now for the Playstation 2 platform in the US and Europe.
Ok, so I'm new here and I'm so glad I found you guys.  I got the Metallica version for the Wii, and was having tons of fun playing lots of songs and everything was great.  That is, until I started playing No Leaf Clover on hard.  About half way through, I noticed that what I was being shown was a good 2 or 3 measures behind the music!  I know this isn't HD lag because it isn't an HDTV and every other song works fine.  The weird part is that it's still on beat, just 2 or 3 measures behind.  Is this a problem inherent in the game, like bad programming?  Or was there just a glitch?  Is my copy in some weird and unlikely way defective?  Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me :)

"[Guitar Hero is] better than two goblins trying to f**k a donkey up the arse with a laser beam.”

Read the Article Here
Hoobastank are back with a new single called "My Turn". The video is based on Rock Band video game, so you can choose your own players and background. Make your own on myturn.hoobastank.com

I decided to keep all of Hoobastank but change out the guitarist with some old dude playing air guitar and of course I put the Patron Saints of AWESOME: Ice-T and Coco as the background:

Please try to out do me.

Oh, and the band is going on tour with 3 Doors Down and Hinder:
Wednesday, January 28 - Hard Rock Café - Orlando, FL
Saturday, January 31 - Freebird Cafe - Jacksonville Beach, FL
Monday, February 2 - Captain Hiram''s Sand Bar - Sebastian, FL
Tuesday, February 3 - Soul Kitchen - Mobile, AL
Wednesday, February 4 - The City Club - Houma, LA
Friday, February 6 - Ford Arena - Beaumont, TX
Saturday, February 7 - Concrete Street Pavillion - Corpus Christi, TX
Tuesday, February 10 - Midland Horseshoe Arena - Midland, TX
Wednesday, February 11 - Amarillo Civic Center - Amarillo, TX
Friday, February 13 - Cajun Dome - Lafayette, LA
Saturday, February 14 - CenturyTel Center - Bossier City, LA
Tuesday, February 17 - Broadbent Arena - Louisville, KY
Wednesday, February 18 - DeltaPlex - Grand Rapids, MI
Friday, February 20 - US Cellular Coliseum - Bloomington, IL
Saturday, February 21 - Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN
Monday, February 23 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
Tuesday, February 24 - Hammerstein Ballroom - New York, NY
Friday, February 27 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT
Saturday, April 25 - Northern Lights Casino - Walker, MN - Buy Tickets
Sunday, April 26 - Northern Lights Casino - Walker, MN - Buy Tickets
Friday, May 15 - Sunset Station Outdoor Amphitheater - Las Vegas, NV

shoot me

I just got the Guitar hero 3 bundle with wireless Guitar for Christmas (long story short have a small Christmas with my parents and sister, then go on a trip to visit my Mom's side of the family have a Christmas there)

I've been playing obsessively for days. Everything has been working fine, JUST PLAYED EARLIER TONIGHT!

Now it's like my Guitar won't talk to the system. The red light comes on the guitar, but NOT on the part you plug into the controller slot!

-changed batteries
-unplugged it from the controller/replugged it.
-turned the system on and off
-tryed the other PS2
-taken the neck out/put it back in.
-Pressed the button on the part you put in the system, then pressed a button on the guitar.

PLEASE HELP ME! I'm so pissed! I just wanted to play, and now I can't get it to work! It's like the Guitar part will turn on and work, but the system doesn't even see it's there....

Midori cosplay nya!

I cosplayed as Midori for Halloween. ^_^ Here are some pictures!

Schools out for summer, school's out forever!Collapse )

White people can't hearJimi. You listen.

With the 148th pick in the all time rhythm game draft Activision picks.. Jimi Hendrix!

Playable character. 2 master tracks.

"Purple Haze (Live)" (recorded in 1969 at the San Diego Sports Arena)
"The Wind Cries Mary"

Future DLC also.

Go team Guitar Hero: World Tour!

REVIEW Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Ok, I wasn't sure I wanted to invest the $50 needed for this iteration of the series. But the wife wanted to try it out and since we had all the other ones (sans On Tour). We decided to pick it up.

It turned out better than I thought it would. Yeah it's GH III wit ha different skin and different songs, Aerosmith songs. But it was still fun to play.

I usually only look at the fret board on screen when GH is on. Even if I'm not playing, so the only time I ever see Steven Tyler's mouth or Joe Perry's nose is the end of Love in an Elevator, when they fill the screen with their polygonal faces (yes, Joe's nose looks as big as Rhode Island in this game, Tyler's mouth looks as big as Michigan though).

The non Aerosmith songs are OK, not my biggest thing. STP was ok. Of course every song is fun to play.

How many of us ever heard of Graveyard BBQ before the first Guitar Hero? and EVERYONE I know loves to play that song. I should probably save this for a future GH post about bonus songs...

I do have a complaint though. Playing as Joe Perry in the single career mode. His fret board is AWFUL. The wife noticed it first, he has these light skulls that come down on the fret board artwork. When you activate star power, it is extremely noticeable, and difficult to pick up notes. The wife says its nearly unplayable in star power because of it.

I've yet to try out all the bonus songs, but those should also be fun to play.

I got so Guitar Hero'd up with this release, I dug out all of the old ones and played them up till 80s before everyone got bored of playing with me and hogging the TV they kicked me off. I'll sneak GHIII and GHA in there sometime tonight.

More GH DLC???? WTF????

Didn't they just announce that Virtuosos pack the other day?

This one is slated for an Aug 21st download. So maybe they are just announcing it early. It's not like we can get weekly GH DLC like other rhythm games already enjoy.

The Dragonforce Pack

"Heroes Of Our Time" from the new Ultra Beatdown album
"Operation Ground and Pound"
"Revolution Deathsquad" both from the Inhuman Rampage album.
Sorry to flood your friend's lists with Guitar Hero info, I hadn't posted in over a month. I went away on vacation for a week, then spent the next 3 weeks being busy.

This community is strictly for Guitar Hero, it's games, its music, it's fans. But there's been a TON of Rock Band info at the same time, as well as a Rock Revolution announced by Konami that we could all point at and laugh at.

I don't know if there is a community similar to this one that is devoted to Rock Band. If so, they'd have a string of updates in the past few weeks.

A good place to get Rock Band updates is here.

One of the other Guitar Hero news events in the past month was a rumored set list that was circulating the net about 2 days ago. Joystiq had a copy of it here. It had made its way around a few forums before they picked it up. It had gotten so bad with people assuming it was the 'oficial' list, Activision came out yesterday and said uhh no that ain't it. It's nice, but that ain't it. The boss battle with bassist Sting would have been odd.

Just a couple more updates and I'll post my review of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith we bought last week.


The Virtuoso Pack

"Surfing with the Alien" by Joe Satriani
"For the Love of God" by Steve Vai
"Soothsayer" by Buckethead