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I just got the Guitar hero 3 bundle with wireless Guitar for Christmas (long story short have a small Christmas with my parents and sister, then go on a trip to visit my Mom's side of the family have a Christmas there)

I've been playing obsessively for days. Everything has been working fine, JUST PLAYED EARLIER TONIGHT!

Now it's like my Guitar won't talk to the system. The red light comes on the guitar, but NOT on the part you plug into the controller slot!

-changed batteries
-unplugged it from the controller/replugged it.
-turned the system on and off
-tryed the other PS2
-taken the neck out/put it back in.
-Pressed the button on the part you put in the system, then pressed a button on the guitar.

PLEASE HELP ME! I'm so pissed! I just wanted to play, and now I can't get it to work! It's like the Guitar part will turn on and work, but the system doesn't even see it's there....